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High-Speed Performance

Biometric liveness detection in less than 100 milliseconds. Verification of two faces' match in less than 10 milliseconds. Face search in a database of millions of faces in less than 300 milliseconds.

face id

Neural networks identify gender, age, presence of eyeglasses, and emotions from video surveillance frames

person and pulse
Liveness Detection

Technology distinguishes real selfies from manipulated photos or videos with an extremely low false rejection rate

two person
Facial Comparison

Determine if two photos belong to the same person. The system achieves a precision rate of 99.9%, accurately distinguishing even between twins.

face id 2
Facial Identification

Instantaneous tracking of faces in photos or videos using hundreds of unique features (in less than 10 milliseconds).


AI TrustID

System Features:Face detection in photos.Verification of photo data with database information, indicating the percentage of match.Determination of a live person in the photo or identification of potential fraud using photos, videos, or deepfakes.Analysis of photo attributes such as blur, lighting, and color saturation.Recognition of open/closed eyes, facial angle of rotation, and the number of people in the frame.Probability assessment of photo ownership by a specific individual.

AI TrustID

AI AccuVision

Identification and Analysis of Customers or Employees via Video. Features include: Counting the number of visitors. Customer identification. Determining gender and age. Heat Map. Object Detection (e.g., monitoring compliance with safety regulations)

AI AccuVision

AI SmartEye

Face Access Control

  • Face-based access control eliminates concerns about forgotten access cards, with the system automatically managing employee access
  • Automated timekeeping reduces time spent on attendance tracking, generating reports on employee presence and tardiness
  • Employee behavior analysis enhances efficiency based on insights into workplace patterns
AI SmartEye

Vision Mobile and Web SDK

Facial recognition system for Android and iOS, with integration into a web application.

  • face detection
  • determining the angle of face rotation
  • detecting open/closed eyes, optical character recognition (OCR) tailored to the type of required identity document.
Vision Mobile and Web SDK


which employ our solutions


Increasing efficiency of operations



Client identification and KYC


Educational institutions

Attendance monitoring, intruder prevention


Food industry

Staff & customer monitoring


Manufacturing enterprises

Fraud prevention


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used in our products

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with solving cognitive tasks typically designated for human intelligence, such as learning, problem-solving, and pattern recognition.


Deep neural network

Deep neural networks, or deep learning neural networks, utilize a technology that enables memory allocation through the transformation of randomly organized neural networks into equivalent networks, where individual or all layers are replaced by a set of smaller sub-layers.


Machine learning

Machine learning encompasses a set of artificial intelligence methods distinguished by their characteristic approach: rather than directly solving a problem, they learn through the application of solutions to a multitude of similar tasks.

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