Service Level Agreement


AIIG - AI Implementation Group LLC

PRODUCT - software, the copyright holder of which is AI Implementation Group LLC;

DEFECT - a defect (error) of the PRODUCT or subsystems of the product, which may lead to failure, interruption or limitation of the functionality of the PRODUCT or subsystems of the product;

AN INCIDENT is an event in which there is an unscheduled termination of the service or a decrease in its quality.

Incident Classification

In terms of criticality, the following priorities are highlighted:

Priority Description
Critical PRODUCT DEFECT, in which the use of the PRODUCT or the continuation of the business process is impossible and there is no workaround;
Non-critical A PRODUCT DEFECT in which the use of the PRODUCT is limited, but the continuation of the business process is possible due to a workaround;
Low A PRODUCT DEFECT that does not interfere with the performance of the main functions of the PRODUCT and the customer's business processes.

Response Time

Priority Defect correction time (not more than)
Critical 2 business days
Non-critical 10 business days
Low 40 working days (next product update)

Defect Correction Time - The time lag between AIIG receiving an error notification and completing the error resolution and fully restoring the functionality of the PRODUCT.

The procedure for processing appeals

  1. Contacting the support service is carried out by e-mail.
  2. The total number of employees of the PARTNER/CUSTOMER (hereinafter referred to as the PARTNER) who have the opportunity to submit applications to AIIG should not exceed 3 people.
  3. Before submitting an appeal, the Partner shall localize the component of the system that caused the incident on its own, and also classify the appeal by type. When submitting an appeal, the Partner shall indicate the following data:
    1. the approximate time of the incident;
    2. description of the incident with steps for playback, screenshots of the entire screen with an error message (screenshots of the screen), a description of the actual and desired result;
    3. single or repeated occurrence of the incident;
    4. circle of users affected by this incident;
    5. actions taken to independently resolve the incident;
    6. versions of the software used; operating system, etc.;
    7. contacts on the part of the customer, who has the appropriate qualifications and is authorized to assist in resolving the incident.

AIIG Commits To

  • provide services in accordance with the provisions of this SLA;
  • take all possible and commercially reasonable measures to correct errors reported by the Partner;
  • take all reasonable measures to correct the errors reported by the Partner.

The Partner is obliged:

  • provide AIIG with access to data and information necessary to correct, investigate and diagnose errors;
  • cooperate with AIIG personnel, as far as reasonably practicable, in diagnosing and correcting any errors or defects in the software.

The Parties shall disclose any and all necessary information for the purposes of the SLA and ensure that the information is up-to-date and correct. A Party providing incorrect information to the other Party shall be liable for loss or damage suffered by such other Party if that loss or damage results from incorrect information.

AIIG undertakes to be available by phone during business hours 7 days a week to address critical incidents. The primary level of severity of the incident is determined by the Partner. The criticality level may be reviewed during the incident analysis process. In the event of a critical incident, AIIG undertakes to be in contact through the channels indicated above during working hours 7 days a week, until the PRODUCT is fully operational.

Technical support
Service time From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm UTC+5 (GMT+5) on weekdays
Correction OF DEFECTS arising from incorrect operation of the PRODUCT, but not due to the use by the Partner, the Partner's client of any third-party software that is not compatible with the AIIG PRODUCT. Included
Updating AIIG PRODUCTS to include DEFECT FIXES. Included
Upgrade OF AIIG PRODUCTS to include functional improvements. Updates do not include new AIIG products that AIIG is positioning and introducing as a stand-alone product. PRODUCT updates are made on an ongoing basis in accordance with AIIG's internal procedures Included