AI SmartEye

Face access control and automatic timesheet keeping


Access control by face

No need to worry about forgotten passes - the system automatically manages employee access


Automatic accounting

Reduce time tracking time, generate reports on employees being in the office and their tardiness


Employee behavior analysis

Improve employee performance with insights into workplace patterns

AI SmartEye is an access control and management system that integrates software and hardware to provide security and convenience to organizations. The system includes terminals with cameras to read employees' faces, as well as turnstiles with readers of information from access media, such as passes, magnetic keys or cards.

Main functions of AI SmartEye:

  • Employee identification: The system uses facial recognition algorithms (Face Detection) to identify employees by their facial features. This allows you to provide a safe and convenient way to enter the workplace
  • Accounting and analysis of data on employees' presence at the workplace: The system automatically tracks when employees come to and leave the workplace, based on data received from cameras and readers. This allows you to track the time employees spend at work and effectively manage their work schedule
  • Report output: AI SmartEye provides the ability to generate reports for any period of time containing statistical data on employee attendance. Reports may include information on excused and unexcused absences, attendance analysis, and other useful data.

Algorithms used:

  • Face Detection: This algorithm allows the system to detect and highlight faces in images or videos. It serves as the basis for subsequent identification of employees by facial features
  • 1 to N Identification: This algorithm is used to compare recognized faces with a database of faces (1 to N), which allows you to determine which employee the recognized face belongs to
  • Liveness Detection: To ensure security and prevent fraud, the system can use the Liveness Detection algorithm, which helps determine whether the presented face is a living person and not a static image or mask.

AI SmartEye is a modern and effective solution for access control and workplace management, and also provides data analysis to optimize workflow and improve security in the organization.

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