AI AccuVision

Video analytics powered by AI


Visitor analytics by face

The program being developed is designed to recognize and analyze clients on video, as well as to identify objects that will be used to set KPIs.


Automatic accounting

Counting the number of visitors, identifying clients, determining gender and age.


Employee behavior analysis

Helps with workplace safety, such as detecting and identifying employees without hard hats.

ACCU VISION is a multifunctional tool for identifying and analyzing customers or employees based on video, as well as identifying various objects.

Program functions:

Object Detection: The program uses object detection algorithms to automatically identify various objects or objects in the video, such as products on shelves or employees without hard hats in a factory.

This comprehensive program provides critical information about customers, employees and assets that can be useful to optimize business processes, improve security and provide a better customer experience. It can also help in setting key performance indicators (KPIs) and improve the overall performance of the organization.

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